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A Castle for Brownie and Her Buddies!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Brownie shows her best profile to the camera.

Creativity in Animal-Assisted Interventions

In a previous post (What’s in a Name), I wrote about the importance of creativity in animal-assisted interventions. Green Chimneys in Brewster (New York, United States) provides many stellar examples of the truth of my statement. A case in point is Brownie, the cute and strong-will guinea pig in the picture, which got a brand new home thanks to the woodshop students in the Farm service classroom. Now Brownie is happily and peacefully bossing around the other members of her herd. Here is the rest of the story:

Brownie previously lived alone in her cage in the farm and wildlife office, but guinea pigs do best in larger environments. The new habitat allows her to live in a herd, like in the wild, with many hiding places and ways to practice her skills. Brownie has always been a social creature, and she has taken over the guinea pig herd but is a very peaceful leader.”

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