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Welcome to All Animal, All Human, All The Time

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Who is Esther Delisle?

My name is Esther Delisle, and I live in Montreal. Animals and words are crucial to my life. I wrote four books (published) on the history of Quebec, a Ph.D. dissertation in Political science, countless articles and a children's book (The King of El Dorado unpublished). I wrote while surrounded by, at various times, a cat (Salomé), a dog (Matisse), a hedgehog (Agrippina), an iguana (Esméralda), two parrots (Ollie and Pinceau), guinea pigs (Oreo, Plum Pudding, Whippet, Banana Split) and frogs. Since moving to a smaller apartment. I have downsized my ménagerie to one dog, Cleopatra, whom you see beside me in the picture below.

As a certified Animal-Assisted therapist, I have worked with people with Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disabilities, people in palliative care, children with learning difficulties and university students. I studied dolphin-assisted therapy in Eilat, Israel.

Relax watching some of the dolphins from the Dolphin Reef in Eilat, Israel.

Learn more about dolphin-assisted therapy for challenged children at the Dolphin Reef (Red Sea) in Eilat, Israel.

Attending many international conferences on Human-Animal interactions in Montreal, Toronto, Saratoga Springs, New York, Jerusalem and Paris, I had the privilege to witness the extraordinary development of Animal-Assisted Interventions over the last fifteen years. They moved from the fringe of therapeutic support to the mainstream.

The Canadian Institute of Animal-Assisted Interventions (

All of that prompted me to establish the Canadian Institute of Animal-Assisted Interventions. Its goal is to become a complete source of reliable information about Animal-Assisted Interventions in Canada and worldwide, emphasizing the most innovative and original experiences.

Animal-assisted interventions involve the client, the practitioner and the animal, the three of them linked by the synergy of their interaction. "They are goal-oriented and structured interventions that intentionally incorporate animals in health, education and human service for therapeutic gains and improved health and wellness," according to Delta Society.