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About the President of the Canadian Institute of Animal-Assisted Interventions

Esther Delisle is an author with a Ph.D. in political science. (

  • In 2004, she became a certified animal-assisted therapist.

  • She has worked with people with Alzheimer's, dementia, mental retardation and with people in palliative care (end of life).

  • She implemented two programs of animal-assisted learning in 3 elementary schools in Montreal. Based on that experience, she co-wrote an article published in the magazine Childhood Education International (2012).

  • She sat for many years on the board of the Corporation des zoothérapeutes du Québec (Quebec Corporation of Animal-Assisted Therapists.)


She also participated in many international conferences on the topic of Human-Animal interactions.​​​

  • She gave a presentation at the 14th triennial conference of IAHAIO (Paris, 2016)

  • She gave three presentations  at the Second International Conference on Innovations in Animal-Assisted Therapy (Jerusalem 2013).

She is inviting you to share her journey.​


Our mission 


To educate and inform about Animal-Assisted Interventions (AAI) and present its most innovative and original programs in Canada and worldwide. 


We welcome practitioners of AAI, animal lovers and people who are just curious. 


The CIAAI website is available in English and French. However, the links of some videos, available only in one of the two languages, have been placed on the site because of their undeniable interest.

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